Calvary Discovery Kidz - Babies - Pre-K

During the preschool Years a child is learning at an incredible pace, going from being completely dependent on parents to walking, talking and thinking for themselves. We believe that these are the best years to develop a strong foundation for faith. Preschoolers are discovering everything around them, so we desire to:

  • make the introduction to God, Jesus and His world
  • teach through our words and actions about God's deep love
  • guide their discovery of Jesus, God's Son, their forever friend


Calvary Kidz - Grades 1 - 6

Kids are important for the future of the church and society. Calvary desires to partner with parents and help guide children toward a lifelong relationship with Christ. We want children to not only know the Bible stories but be able read the Bible for themselves and how it applies to their lives. Often during these years a child will come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord!

We desire them to:

  • know and love God and to follow Jesus
  • connect relationally with the church family
  • learn to love and serve the community

 Sunday Morning

We have age focused classes that allow children to dig into the Bible stories. They will receive hands on experience to help them learn how to apply these stories to their lives.

We meet from 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

Discovery Kidz have a class for them both at 9:00 and during our worship gathering