What is this?

Advent simply means “arrival” or “coming”. Advent is the four weeks leading up to Christmas day that we prepare to celebrate the first coming of God the Son, Jesus Christ, to save us. The advent season helps us to intentionally remember the greatness of his first coming.

Conspiracy...we'll one definition has to do with planning something that will get you in trouble. The definition for this Christmas season though follows along the lines of conspiring a plan with a group of people. So no we're not planning anything illegal during the Christmas season, but we are wanting to push back against some aspects of the culture as it relates to the celebration of Jesus birth. 

What's the plan?

It's a simple one.

This season of Advent we want to recapture the essence of Jesus birth in how we celebrate. To do this our goal is to Worship More Fully, Give More, Spend Less, and Love All. We'll be talking about these areas as we gather but the most impactful things we do will be as individuals and families. So join in the conversation, try doing some things differently, and let's recapture the true Spirit of Christmas!

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Download the weekly Family Resource Guide HERE.

You can download a few activities for your family HERE.

Starting December 1 checkout these Advent Devotionals you can listen to or read on your mobile device. 


Advent Readings for Kids

The Advent Storybook is a series of short stories perfect for younger children (ages 0-6). 
Buy it here.

Jotham's Journey is a historic adventure that follows one boy through a myriad of experiences that lead him on a journey of faith culminating in the birth of Christ. (recommended for ages 7 and up as it contains some intense plot lines.) 
Buy it here.

Places to Give

Lottie Moon Offering
Each year we participate in a special Christmas offering called Lottie Moon, named after a woman who was dedicated to reaching China for Christ. 100% of your giving goes toward missionaries.  Click here for more!

Water for Life
Help provide clean and sustainable drinking water for communities in need. Click here for more info.

Preemptive Love
Help families that have lost everything due to war by supporting relief efforts and job creation. More info here. 

World Vision
Give the gift of an animal that can help provide both food and income for a family in need. Click here.